Keynotes on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Learn what it means to be a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion from keynote speaker Dianne Jennings.

Pursue the Culture You Want to Create

It’s not a lack of trying but a lack of knowledge that makes implementing diversity and inclusion a challenge in your office. Dianne Jennings is here to address the challenges that hinder progress and create a roadmap for meaningful change.

With her dynamic and insightful keynotes, she tackles the root problem, provides actionable strategies, and inspires audiences to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion like never before.

When companies don’t address DEI in the workplace, their people:

  • can experience burnout faster
  • don’t buy into the company’s purpose
  • will feel unfulfilled in their work
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Dianne Doesn’t Do Cookie-Cutter

Every event Dianne speaks at gets a speech tailored to that specific audience. Dianne brings a variety of different bonuses to her speaking.

    • Question and Answer Sessions
    • Handouts or Resources on DEI
    • Interactive Activities Throughout Her Keynote
    • A Custom Poem Presented At the End of The Event
Dianne Jennings

Most Popular Keynote Topics

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Ignorance Has to DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity): Unmasking the Root of the Problem and Empowering Change

In this thought-provoking keynote, Dianne Jennings tackles the deep-rooted issue of ignorance as the source of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) challenges. Unmask the impact of ignorance in the workplace, and discover strategies to foster understanding and create a culture of belonging. Through compelling stories and powerful insights, Dianne unearths the impacts ignorance has on the workplace and society at large.

Attendees will gain a fresh perspective on dismantling ignorance, fostering understanding, and creating an environment of belonging. 

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The Dynamics and Essential Qualities of Leadership: Unleashing Your Full Potential

Unleash your full potential as a leader, gaining the confidence, influence, and vision to inspire your teams. Drawing from her extensive experience and research, Dianne reveals the dynamics of effective leadership and helps attendees identify and cultivate these qualities within themselves.

Explore the secrets behind effective leadership during this interactive keynote that will leave you with clear action steps and excitement for your team’s future.

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The Business of Equity and Inclusion: Unleashing Strategic Power Plays in the Boardroom for Women, Minorities, and Small Business Owners

Dianne Jennings delivers a high-impact keynote that reveals the untapped potential within diverse communities. With her engaging and lively speaking style, Dianne empowers women, minorities, and small business owners to navigate the complex landscape of the boardroom.

Drawing on her extensive experience and expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Dianne unveils strategic power plays that can level the playing field and drive remarkable success. Through captivating storytelling and practical insights, she shares proven strategies to address the unique challenges faced by these groups, opening doors to new opportunities.

Don’t miss this empowering keynote that will equip women, minorities, and small business owners with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the boardroom.

Dianne Jennings

Your Trusted DEI Expert with Over 33 Years of Experience

Dianne Jennings is a respected thought leader in the DEI space. Her vibrant personality, combined with her deep expertise, creates the perfect mix as your guide in DEI.

Dianne believes that education and actionable steps are the keys to unlocking the potential of diversity and inclusion in any organization.

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